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2022 Tax Site Closures and Updates

Free Tax Assistance will begin on January 29, 2022.

Click Here to Make an Appointment Today or call (312) 588-6900

Please note that Ladder Up is now operating in-person and drop-off tax services and will require everyone to wear a mask and some locations will require an appointment prior to entering the tax site.

In-person Tax Services:

  • Walk-in or make an appointment at selected sites
  • Come get your taxes prepared for FREE
  • Sit with a volunteer to review your documents and enter your information into our tax software. Another volunteer, Quality Reviewer, will review your tax return make sure it’s free from error, and explain your return to you.

Drop-off Tax Services:

Make an appointment to bring your tax documents to a new Drop-Off Tax Assistance site:

  • At your appointment, work with a volunteer to complete any questions you are unsure of during intake process.
  • The volunteer will scan your tax documents to allow Ladder Up tax volunteers to prepare and review your return completely virtual (No waiting!)
  • Review your completed tax return with a volunteer completely virtual!

Please check our website before arriving to make sure you have all your documents and are eligible for free services: goladderup.org/TAP

Please note that the IRS tax deadline is April 18, 2022. Please also note that if the Federal and State governments owe you a refund, there is no penalty for filing after the April 18 deadline.